The Story of

You Go Girls 

YouGoGirls! focuses on supporting young women in Ethiopia in their efforts to become educated.  We focus on 11th and 12th graders with the mission of seeing them enter university upon 12th grade graduation. Many of these girls are orphans or are from rural areas and must leave their homes in order to access the nearest school.  In a country that is very poor, if a family can send a child to school, it is usually a son that is given any opportunity. YouGoGirls focuses on helping girls make their dreams of education possible.


YouGoGirls! gives each of these girls $35 per month with which they rent a small room and buy food, school supplies and sanitary products.  $35 a month is what it takes to keep these girls in school and allows them to pursue their dreams of education.  Additionally, YouGoGirls! meets as a group three or four times a month – we work on study skills, life skills, assertiveness and confidence building and English language improvement.  Beyond financial support, our girls benefit from having family support. YouGoGirls! is their family!

At Jars for Education, we raise money for YouGoGirls! by selling custom made jars full of love and candy with sweet messages that go to teachers to say thanks. The profits go to YouGoGirls!